Marriage Day 5 – Dating to Divorce and How We Got There

If you put two sinners in a box, a room, or a home for an extended period with no plan for escape, you can expect problems. There may be a lot of love along the way, but there will also be unavoidable disappointments, arguments, and conflict. The dating couple can break up and go on to the next relationship. Vocational workmates are similar. If you don’t like your boss or the environment in which you work, you can move on to the next big thing. Marriage is different. Though it’s easy to get into, there is no escape plan other than death. Sadly, too many couples ignore the hardness of their hearts and create an alternate plan: divorce (Matthew 19:8). By the time two people enter a dating relationship, they come together with their unique baggage: fallen shaping influences given to them by Adam, others, and their personal choices. After you commingle their baggage, there is no way to avoid sinful combustion in the home.