Number-One Reason You Need Someone

Why do you want to date or marry someone? What is your primary reason for desiring a community? Here’s the answer: The number reason you need someone is not to meet your deepest longings but to image the Trinity in a relational community.

The Trinity—Father, Son, and Spirit—created Adam with the ability to image themselves. For example, there are many aspects of the Lord’s character, like holiness, love, patience, long-suffering, pity, and wisdom. Adam, made in the image of God, could do what nothing else in the Lord’s creation could do. He could image the Trinity—the original Divine community.

But there was a slight problem with Adam; he was alone (Genesis 2:18). There were no options for Adam to do “Trinitarian image bearing.” What Adam lacked was not someone to fill his empty love cup, but someone to be a community with to put the Trinity entirely on display to the world.

Adam was like the world’s greatest baseball player with no place to play. He was suited up and equipped—in God’s image, but he had no place to do the main thing God had designed him to do.

If you want to be happy and whole, the best thing you can do is find your fullness by giving to others, not demanding people to meet your self-interpreted needs. Jesus did what I’m suggesting. He imaged God correctly by putting the Father on display wherever He went. Like the first Adam, there were people available for Him to love, serve, and help. By pouring Himself into others, He imaged a beautiful God-designed community. Who can you love well today?

Time to Reflect
1. Do you need people to make you feel better, or do you need people to display the many aspects of the Father, Son, and Spirit?
2. What is one way you can change to be a better lover, server, and helper of people?