Interview with Pastor Mike Hawkins about Caring for Others

Interview with Pastor Mike Hawkins about Caring for Others

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I interviewed my friend, Pastor Mike Hawkins, about his life, pastoring, counseling, and how our ministry intersects with him on a day-to-day basis. I have known Mike for a few years, and we have been in the trenches with many counseling situations.

Show Notes

He and his wife are good friends with our family. He is a loyal human being who has great affection for Christ. He finds his greatest joy in bringing joy to others, which is characterized best by his servant’s heart. Here is the link to our private forums that I mentioned in the podcast.

He was born in Alaska and lived in 17 different places by age 10. He lived in Pensacola most of his life, playing baseball and golf, and living on the beach. He fell in love with Jane in 1976 and married her 366 days later.

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They moved to Greenville in 1978 and have called it home ever since. Mike was a Bi-lo manager for 14 years before becoming a pastor at Fellowship Greenville in 1994. He is also a recent first-time grandparent.

After graduating from Pensacola College with an AA degree, Mike attended Bob Jones University, where he earned a BA in Music and Youth. His heart and passion are to disciple men and to help them lead their families. He loves football and enjoys watching Alabama and the Miami Dolphins.

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