Why You Should Live in the Freedom of Knowing the Future

Why You Should Live in the Freedom of Knowing the Future

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In God’s mind, your life is over. He sees the end from the beginning. The Lord stands outside of time—a macro view, looking inside your timeline, which has a start and end date, and He’s helping you navigate your journey. You’re not sure where you’re going or the pitfalls along the way, but from His vantage point, He does. You must know that your story ends well, which is the antidote for fighting off fear while living in the freedom and power of a secure future.

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Trusting the Writer

Francis Ouimet had no idea how his golf match was going to end. I do because I watched this movie a while back. I’m not going to tell you how it ended. Did he win? Did he lose? You’ll have to watch the movie for yourself. You can see the storyline unfold and get caught up in all the drama as I did.

If we were to watch it together, we would have different emotions and perspectives because I have already seen it. You would be curious, hopeful, and perhaps—at times—anxious about the outcome of The Greatest Game Ever Played. Most assuredly, I would watch it differently from you.

From my chair, there would be a calm assurance about the conclusion of this great match. Though I might give in to the emotion of the rapidly changing events, my soul would be peaceful because of this one anchoring truth: I know how it will conclude. I know how the screenwriter of the story finished the film.

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It Ends Well

There is a difference between being in the middle of a story and not knowing how it concludes versus knowing the end. Christians live in the assurance that their story ends well, though there are times when personal situations or cultural events can rock their world. When that happens, you want to go back to Paul’s reassuring words.

And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified (Romans 8:30).

Do not fool yourself or yield to anxiety and fear. Sometimes what we experience around us can begin to control us. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you will be okay. Did you read what Paul said? Those whom the Lord predestined have heard His call. Those whom He called are justified, and the justified have already experienced glorification.

In God’s mind, all the words of Romans 8:30 are in the past tense. The Writer has written the script. He has already completed what He started. The movie is over, and He sealed it. Your redemption is complete (Philippians 1:6; Ephesians 4:30).

Rest in the Mystery

Your movie is over. Just because you continue to live your life, meandering through the marsh, does not mean that the Lord is unaware of how it ends. You should express a confident thanks to God because He knows you’re heading to a favorable outcome. In the mind of God, your glorification is a done deal.

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The gig is up, the show is over, and the fat lady has sung her song. You are sitting in heavenly places with Christ Jesus (Colossians 3:1). Even though you’re in the “middle of your movie,” the Lord sees you as already exited from the theater. Because of your future glory, there is present hope that should steady you as you make your way to that predetermined end.

I realize there is a mystery to what I’m sharing with you. There are many things that you and I do not understand, though our lack of awareness should not prohibit us from enjoying those realities. Have you placed your faith in Christ? If so, you must live in the fullest possibilities of what that means. One of the benefits of being a child of God is that He is bringing your story to a safe and satisfying conclusion.

Call to Action

  1. Are you more aware of the difficulty, challenges, and sin of the journey or your great God, who has already brought things to a satisfying conclusion because of the gospel?
  2. Rather than just saying “yes” or “no” to my question, explain your answer. What reliable evidence do you have that supports your response?
  3. Are you living in the good of the gospel? Perhaps there is something you need to do, but fear is holding you back. What is that thing? Do you know how to make a biblical decision that will release you to enjoy the fullest potential of your story?

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