An Educator Shares Her Perspective About Our Training

An Educator Shares Her Perspective About Our Training

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Our Mastermind training course is an all-online curriculum that teaches Christians how to grow in their discipleship, and biblical counseling practices. Recently, we had a seasoned educator, who is also a student in our program, provide her assessment and personal experience of our training course. Benefiting from the insight of those in academia as they evaluate our training is instructive and inspiring.

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You may read Cece Tillman’s bio and assessment below, but first, I want to share a few things about our program that will help you in your decision-making. We’re always having folks checking out our training, and I need to be clear with them about the course. We don’t want to hide the ball but hope to provide you with adequate information before you enter our training.

If you’re interested in the Mastermind program, you must read and listen to everything on our Mastermind informational page. It’s in an LMS (Learning Management System) format that you can work through to learn about the process. If you have more questions, please ask on our forums.

Our training is an excellent fit for individuals who have an objective goal in mind. It’s the difference between college and high school. In high school, the stereotypical kid does not know what he wants to be when he grows up, so he meanders with no ultimate purpose. Perhaps a “clue” begins to formulate by the time he’s in the eleventh or twelfth grades.

But the college student has an aim in view. He wants to finish in four years so he can become (fill in the blank). He starts his training with a purpose, albeit not entirely clear, and finishes with the goal in hand.  And this is the person who will be a good fit for our program. For example,

  • He (or she) wants to be a biblical counselor, either formally or informally.
  • He wants to have a counseling, coaching, or education ministry.
  • He hopes to be on a church staff, teaching and counseling there.
  • He desires to grow in discipleship practices because he wants to be a better human being, spouse, father, and friend.
  • He intends for this training to make him a more effective small group leader, Sunday school teacher, or other discipling-type ministry position.

Perhaps you have another goal in view, but the point is that if you don’t have a clear purpose for doing the training, you probably won’t finish it. Think of it as the difference between a wagon wheel and a train track.

  • The wagon wheel has many spokes going in all sorts of directions.
  • The train rail is heading in one direction.

Some students come to the program with no clear purpose other than it sounds like a good idea and it will help them. Some of them live their lives that way; they dabble at different things but have not settled on a life trajectory. So they add our training to their schedule. They don’t finish.

Others read or listen to our resources, and they resonate with our perspectives about life and relationships, and they want to learn more. It’s like saying, “I love automobiles, so I’m going to learn how to build one.” Loving one and building one are worlds apart. These folks don’t make it either.

If God is leading you to a goal that has something to do with discipleship, though it hasn’t solidified in your mind at this point, our program is one of the best you’ll ever take. And if this is you, please read Cece’s evaluation, and listen to the podcast because I give more detailed information and comments to what she is saying.

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Cece Tillman Bio

Cece is finishing her 30th year in public education in Northwest Georgia. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of North Alabama, a Master’s in Elementary Education from Alabama A & M, and an Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from Lincoln Memorial University.

She has taught Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, Special Education, and Gifted students. She is a literacy specialist and has been an academic coach who trained teachers and administrators within a school setting for nine years. She also taught adjunct classes for prospective teachers at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA.

She has been a school consultant in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Galena, Jamaica. She presented at National Conferences in San Francisco, Orlando, and Reno. Cece also co-authored a book on reading strategies for Carson-Dellosa in 2004.

Cece’s Evaluation

The Mastermind course is teaching me about what is truly important. I enjoy the program so much, and God is preparing me for something. I have much to learn. That is why I am so thankful for this ministry. I am also thankful for each Mastermind student. I’m learning even more as I watch each of you interact on the forums. God is so good!

A few months ago, I asked Rick about the process he used to put the Mastermind Program together. I’m both an educator and a trainer of educators, and I have been very impressed with the scope and sequence of the training.

The further I get into the program, the more impressed I become. As I shared what I’ve noticed with Rick, he revealed that he wasn’t thinking of educational theory but common sense. I reminded him that “common sense is not common.” Here are just a few things that I have noticed about this program.

Focused Feedback

The feedback is superb, focused, and life-changing. As an educator, I have read a great deal of research about the importance of feedback. It has one of the highest impacts on student learning. The more specific and focused the feedback is, the more impact it has. Rick,  Brandi, and Mark are all providing positive, targeted feedback. It is so helpful as I seek to change and grow.

Well-Rounded Training

The sequence of activities is thoughtful and builds on each other. After the addition of each new exercise to the mix, it forms a well-rounded program that addresses all areas of the Christian life.

Depth of Knowledge

The assignments are at a higher level than rote recall. In education, we call it DOK (Depth of Knowledge). I’ve studied various learning theories throughout my career (Piaget, Bloom, Maslow, etc.) Each one addresses the importance of moving beyond rote recall to higher levels of learning, such as “synthesis and application.”

Theology Plus Application

That is evident in the assignments throughout this training. An example is the Systematic Theology assignments. Creating case studies that address the content learned is a very high-level task. The ability to complete it requires an understanding of the material and an application to real life.

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Encouraged and Committed

As I talked with Rick, I realized that he just used common sense, his knowledge of what traits a good discipler needs to possess, and, most importantly, the guidance of the Holy Spirit as he designed this program. I’m approaching the halfway mark, but it is continuing to challenge me and reveal areas of needed growth.

No More Condemnation

At the same time, the feedback does not bring about condemnation but a great sense of hope as I realize that 2 Peter 1:3 is being unfolded before my eyes through this program. It has given me a better understanding of what the body of Christ should be about and a desire to find ways to replicate that here in my local church.

This program has been a gift of God’s grace in my life. Thank you, team, for all your planting and watering. May God bring a fruitful harvest!


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