Case Study: No Thanks For Thanksgiving

Case Study No Thanks For Thanksgiving

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This Thanksgiving is Biff’s first without his wife and children. Mable left him this past spring, the culmination of a mediocre marriage that muddled along for seventeen years. Biff has three teenage sons, all of whom live with their mom, all of whom blame him for the divorce. For the most part, Biff has repented of the sins that he brought into their marriage.

He has been re-establishing himself in his local church, and most of the people have gotten used to his new lifestyle without Mable and the children. But it has been hard for Biff to mesh with his old friends. He is too old for the singles and too single for the older couples.

He has been tempted to act as though he is worse off than he is, so people will remember his plight, hoping they’ll not lose interest in him.

This weekend many of the church families are traveling or have made arrangements with family and friends locally. To date, no one has included Biff in their plans. Mable and the boys are going to another state to be with her parents. Biff calls you for help and encouragement.

Case Study Questions

  1. What would you tell Biff?
  2. How would you help him theologically?
  3. What would be your practical advice for Biff?
  4. If you have had a similar experience, what would you have liked to have happened to you, or what did others do for you that helped you through your difficult time?

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