How to Have Authentic and Transparent Relationships

How to Have Authentic and Transparent Relationships

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This message is on “True Community: How to Develop True, Authentic, and Transparent Relationships With Another Person.” You may apply this teaching to any marriage, family, friendship, work relationship, and, of course, within the local church.

Rick preached this message at Trinity Bible Church in Powell, WY. This teaching was the pre-conference meeting to a biblical counseling conference that he led on the succeeding Monday and Tuesday nights.

Below are the texts he referenced during the message, plus the accompanying graphics, a book recommendation, three supporting articles, and ten tweets worth re-tweeting to your community.

Teaching Notes from Conference

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Supporting Scriptures

  1. Genesis 1:27
  2. Genesis 3:6
  3. Romans 3:23
  4. Romans 5:12
  5. Philippians 2:1-11
  6. John 3:7
  7. Colossians 1:28
  8. 2 Timothy 2:24-25
  9. 1 Corinthians 11:1
  10. Genesis 50:20
  11. Luke 6:43-45
  12. Philippians 2:1
  13. Hebrews 4:12-13
  14. Matthew 6:21
  15. Romans 8:1
  16. Romans 5:8
  17. Genesis 2:18
  18. Genesis 2:23-25

Rick's Books on Amazon

The Paul Miller book Rick recommended in the message: A Praying Life

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Supporting Graphics

We come into our world broken, with a “missing piece” because of the fall of Adam. A parent’s responsibility is to cooperate with God in the process of shepherding a child to Christ–where completeness happens (Colossians 1:28).

Natural Regression In Life

True community is when two people are sharing (Philippians 2:1) their most treasured possession with another person (Matthew 6:21). Our greatest treasure is God, and there are two aspects to our relationship with God–the good and the bad (Hebrews 4:12-13). Therefore, true community is sharing both of those aspects with someone else.

True Community

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