Essential Teaching About How People Change

Essential Teaching About How People Change

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On June 22-23, 2015, I led a two-day biblical counseling conference in Powell, WY, at Trinity Bible Church. These are my notes from the second session of that biblical counseling conference.

Show Notes

The key idea for this session is, “The change process must begin at a place that is deeper than our behaviors. To change well is to begin in the heart while working out the behaviors. This session will take you on a journey through some of the primary dynamics of the change process.

Teaching Notes from the Conference

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Listening at two levels – In order to counsel well, you must counsel at two levels. The behaviors are motivated by the heart. Therefore, understanding the heart is essential for long-term, sustainable change.

Two Level Listening

Four components of a counseling session – No human counselor can bring change. That is the role of the Lord. Our job is to be faithful ministers of God’s Word as we pray for the “Counselor” to bring the necessary change.

Four Components to Discipleship

From chaos to order – The Spirit of God speaks into the chaos of our lives. Through His work, He begins to bring order out of our chaos. He restores us from chaotic souls to well-ordered people.

From chaos to order

The counseling window – Biblical counseling, in the traditional sense, has many limitations. One of those limitations is waiting on the Lord to grant repentance–the only way a person can truly change (2 Timothy 2:24-25).

The Counseling Window

Five ways a person can change – The Bible teaches five means of grace the Lord employs to bring change into a person’s life. All of them work differently for each person, situation, or season of life.

Five Ways to Change Your Ways

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