Non-Negotiable “Musts” for Every Christian

Non-Negotiable “Musts” for Every Christian

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On June 22-23, 2015, I led a two-day biblical counseling conference in Powell, WY, at Trinity Bible Church. This episode is the first installment of the four-session conference.

Show Notes

You may read this article and listen to the podcast that explains the content of these notes.

Teaching Notes from the Conference

The prop statement for this session is, “Every Christian is a counselor, and there are essential qualities that every Christian must possess in order to care for others well.”

  • You are a counseling spouse if you are married.
  • You are a counseling parent if you have children.
  • You are a counseling friend to all those within your sphere of influence.

Your life is an example of good (or poor) counseling; there is no other option.

This lesson will unpack some of the essential elements for your consideration and application as you mature in your ability to put the practical life of Christ on display within your sphere of influence.

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