Case Study: If I Tell the Truth, My Christian College Will Expel Me

Case Study If I Tell the Truth, My Christian College Will Expel Me

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Biff is in his junior year at a local Christian college. And he struggles with pornography and masturbation. When he was 12 years old, his best friend introduced him to those sins. Not understanding the addictiveness of porn and having no serious interest in girls, he thought it was weird but stimulating.

Biff’s dad is an insecure, angry, and harsh man. Biff gave up years ago ever having a real relationship with him. As a teen, his relationship with his father worsened. One of the side-effects of this relationship was fear of man; Biff craves affirmation.

Porn seemed like the perfect solution. Biff could have a “virtual,” no-risk-of-rejection relationship with girls on the Internet while enjoying the physical stimulation of those relationships by masturbating.

The good news is that Biff is a Christian and he hates living a double life. The bad news is that his Christian college has a low tolerance for sin. Rather than a grace-to-restoration system, they have a demerit-to-expulsion mandate.

While Biff wants to change, he is acutely aware that his sin would mean expulsion from his college, until he could rehabilitate himself. At that point, he may be able to complete his education.

Case Study Questions

  1. How would you advise Biff?
  2. Would you recommend that he “come clean” with the college administration? Why or why not?
  3. What would be your practical plan that you would map out for Biff?
  4. What is your advice for the Christian college?

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