These Five Words Are the Most Life-Altering You’ll Ever Believe

These Five Words Are the Most Life-Altering You’ll Ever Believe

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To believe in someone or something is part of what it means to be human, and there are many options from which to choose. When you think about all the things that you believe, what is the most vital one? What defines you above everything else? There is one right answer to my question, which you can sum up in five words.

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Your Faith Controls You

We live in an uncertain time. I’m writing this article and doing this podcast during the Coronavirus scare of 2020. Most of the world is self-quarantining themselves while global governments are mandating that people stay in their homes. Just in a matter of a few days, it’s shockingly real how our freedoms can disappear with the signature from the pen of a higher power.

This reality is why it’s crucial to know that whatever is at the top of your “faith list” will determine the stability of your soul during these times. I’m sure you’re acutely aware that you’re not in total control of your life, which I hope motivates you to find something surer than yourself to trust. It’s the thing that you trust the most that will determine the kind of life you’re going to have.

You’re only as strong as the thing in which you place your faith. If your faith is in yourself, it’s incumbent on you to be self-reliant, which is a fallacious pursuit that always leads to defeat. Hopefully, you have realized how foolish the fake promise of self-sufficiency is, though some folks have had so much disappointment in their lives that they feel as though relying on themselves is the only option.

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Say These Five Words

Your most reliant choice when it comes to trusting something is to depend on a force that is outside of yourself. Those who are not as resourceful (self-reliant) take this advice and look to their governments to save them. The result of this inadequate and myopic worldview is bondage to a bureaucracy that enslaves them.

Thus, if you’re not your best option to depend on and if the government is not trustworthy, who can you rely upon? There is a transcending option that is more reliable than you and your civil authorities. In America, we say it this way: In God, we trust. Though it’s more of a cliche than reality for too many folks, there is a transforming truth to this well-worn saying.

These five words, when practically applied, will change your life. Let me share them with you. But first, I want you to stop what you’re doing at this moment and say them out loud. Here they are: “Do not fear; trust me.” – Lord God Almighty. One of the most effective ways to dig deeper into this tried and true saying is to take a brief survey from the Old Testament to see how human fear and God’s call to trust intersect. As you read along, take time to assess yourself with the questions that I ask you.

Faith Confronting Fear

Adam, do not fear, trust me. Don’t give in to your shame, but come to me and confess your sin.

Assess: When it’s time to confess your sin to God and others, do you trust Him with your life, or do you revert to human-centered responses to hide your shame from others?

Noah, do not fear, trust me. I know they are mocking you, but you must care more about my opinion of you than theirs.

Assess: When God is calling you to take a stand for Him, even when what He wants you to do seems unrealistic, do you cave to the opinion of others, or does your faith in God carry you through the temptation?

Abraham, do not fear, trust me. Your son will be okay, though things seem impossible right now, you must trust me.

Assess: When you find yourself at one of the worst intersections of your life, how does your faith bolster you to persevere even when there seems to be no way for God’s power to shine?

Joseph, do not fear, trust me. Though you are suffering for a season, this will turn to your profit, and your trust in me will save many lives.

Assess: When you are a victim of the horrific decisions and manipulations of others, do you wallow in self-pity, anger, and revenge, or does your faith carry you to a higher level of understanding and useability in God’s world?

Ruth, do not fear, trust me. You’re lonely now, but I’m going to blow your mind. Be patient. Trust me.

Assess: Are you willing to step outside people’s expectations for your life and do something unusual that leads to a greater good?

Esther, do not fear, trust me. You’re a minority, and your enemies are many, but with me, you are a majority.

Assess: Are you tempted to disqualify yourself from leading when it’s your unique gifting from the Lord that people need in this dire and seemingly hopeless time?

Job, do not fear, trust me. Your suffering is more than any other, but wait, trust, and hope, for your blessing will double, and your latter days will be far better than the first.

Assess: Are you the judge for how you should suffer, or do you see yourself as the broken clay that the potter is shaping into something that can only come through painful discovery?

David, do not fear, trust me. Your sin has divided your family, but my favor is more significant than your sin.

Assess: Are your more sin-centered than God-centered, to the point that your fixation on your mistakes hinders you from the empowering favor that God has for you, despite all you have done wrong?

Solomon, do not fear, trust me. Your greed is a huge temptation, but I am your God. Be satisfied with me.

Assess: Do you see your most significant temptation as a reason to give up or an opportunity to recognize that your evil desires are a means to drive you to a greater dependence on the Lord?

Daniel, do not fear, trust me. Savage beasts surround you. Trust me right now! You won’t believe what I’m about to do.

Assess: When the “beasts in your life” surround you, does your faith stabilize and fixate you on something more profound than what is in front of you at this moment?

Jonah, do not fear, trust me. Fear and anger have gripped you, but I am more significant than your hatred and prejudicies.

Assess: Do you realize that there are times when your resistance to God leads to more complicated trouble in your life, but the Lord is a relentless pursuer, and your best option is to surrender to Him?

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Using Sin Sinlessly

In theological studies, you’ll hear the saying that “God uses sin sinlessly,” which means He’s not looking for perfect people but humble followers. The only kind of folks that He can use is sinful ones. Thus, He will use us in all our imperfections, albeit in sinless ways.

In the list above, you see how all of His servants yielded to sinful temptations. Some of them failed mightily. But God was greater than all their sins. Paul was correct when he asked, “If God is for you, who can be against you?” When you are struggling with doubt and fear, I want you to utter these simple but powerful five words.

Go ahead and say them now: “Do not fear, trust me.” God is entirely trustworthy, no matter what is happening at this juncture in your life. Repeat these words often. Let them transform your mind and massage your soul. Do not fear; trust God!

Call to Action

If the Father would choose to execute His Son on a cross to save your soul, there is no more profound way that He could say that He is for you. Let this gospel truth manage your emotions, fears, thoughts, and life. Repeat it one more time: “Do not fear; trust God!”

If you’re struggling with trusting the Lord today, I want you to do the following things listed below. Let our resources work for you, and take all the time you need to benefit from what I have presented here.

  1. Go back through the “assessment questions” that you read earlier. Some of them will apply more than others. Focus on the ones the Spirit of God highlights in your mind. Reflect, pray, and write (if you’re a journaler).
  2. Share with a friend how the Spirit of God is illuminating your mind. Give them this article and podcast. Ask them to read (or listen), and you spend time discussing this most vital topic, which is your faith in God.
  3. Read Hebrews 11, asking God to provide you with a more in-depth understanding of a “theology of suffering” as it applies to your life.

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