You’ve Been Lied to About Your Marriage

You’ve Been Lied to About Your Marriage

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Your perspectives are essential because whatever they are, they are the reasons why you do what you do. The lens through which you see things determines how you respond to life.

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Your perspective not only establishes the kind of life and relationships you’ll have, but it defines the result of your life and those relationships. Hans Molegraaf, a long-time supporter of our site, applies this idea to your marriage when he says,

I hate to break it to you, but you’ve been lied to about your marriage. And you’re being lied to every day. What’s worse is you probably don’t know the extent that it’s happening. But make no mistake, it is happening. Constantly. Every day.

And the lies are coming from multiple sources: media, music, news, billboards, social media, and unfortunately from some of our well-meaning friends and even some pastors, to name a few.

World vs. Bible View

Hans created a handy table that I developed into a poster for you, so you can compare the competing worldviews that want to influence your marriage. As you look at this comparison chart, which column best describes your relationship with your spouse?

You Have Been Lied to in Your Marriage

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