Case Study: His Confession Was Not Greater Than What Others Knew

Case Study His Confession Was Not Greater Than What Others Knew

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Biff comes to you for counseling because his wife caught him looking at the wrong things on their personal computer. Initially, Biff denied what he was doing in the basement of their home, though the record of the history on the computer revealed hundreds of ungodly links.

Biff and Mable live alone, and no one but Biff accesses this desktop computer. After a conversation with their pastor, Biff admitted that he had been looking at the wrong things, but quickly inserted that he had only looked a few times in the past six months and that he could control it most of the time. He said he just slipped up due to pressures at work.

What Biff did not know is that Mable found out a couple of years ago about his addiction and had put accountability software on the two computers in the home. The pastor asked Biff and Mable to see you for ongoing care and accountability through counseling.

During the counseling, Biff shared with you the same story that he told his pastor. At that point, Mable pulled out a stack of history reports that showed a sordid Internet history over the past two years. Biff looked dumbfounded.

Case Study Questions

  1. What would be your primary concern about Biff and how would you work through it?
  2. What potential concerns would you have for Mable and how would you counsel her?
  3. Name three possible heart issues that could be going on with Biff. Why did you name these?

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