Day 1 – Teen Devotion: Let’s Begin the Journey

Day 1 - Teen Devotion Let's Begin the Journey

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As you start your 31-day journey, here are six things for you to consider. Pick out the one that is the most challenging and then make a plan to change.

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Normal – There is a good chance you did not get the life you wanted. If so, you’re normal. You are part of a cursed world–a curse you did not cause or a world you did not create.

Victim – You must choose the card you will play: the victim card or the responsibility card. Blaming others is easy. We all have. Everyone experiences disappointment.

Responsible – Will you let go of any disappointment with others? At some point, you have to grow up and take responsibility for your life.

Choose – You must first answer the Bible question. Is it true or false? If you say false, continue your well-worn path. If you say true, you must heed its advice.

Hope – You will obtain your best life from the Bible. It won’t be the life you expected or desired, but it’s your best option if you’re going to live well in God’s world.

Opportunity – What will it be for you? What other opportunity do you see as better than following Christ and submitting to His Word?

Time to Reflect

  1. Which one of the six things listed is the most challenging for you to do?
  2. What is one thing you can do to change that challenge into an opportunity? Let’s move forward.

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